Responsible Gaming Strategy

SIGA’s mission is to provide a distinctive First Nation gaming experience that reflects traditional aspects of First Nation culture and hospitality. SIGA’s Responsible Gaming Strategy is respectful of this aspect of SIGA’s mission and First Nation content has been embedded within every area of the responsible gaming strategy.

Our approach includes staff awareness and training on problem and responsible gambling, promoting available services, and providing information and resources to patrons, so patrons can make informed gambling decisions.


  • Maintaining a responsible gaming environment
  • Being responsive to the issue of problem gambling
  • Advocating for responsible use of gaming products to customers, employees, stakeholders and suppliers
  • Creating a gaming environment with easy access to resources and information

In keeping with First Nation ideology, SIGA’s Responsible Gaming Strategy consists of four key elements. These four key elements provide the framework for the strategy and are the foundation for all of SIGA’s responsible gaming procedures and practices.

The four elements are:

SIGA-RG Strategy


Also in keeping with First Nation ideology, four key responsible gambling messages are provided to our patrons. These four messages flow out of the four elements of SIGA’s Responsible Gaming Strategy. The four responsible gambling messages are:

RG 4Messages

♦  Randomness: Casino games are random and unpredictable.

♦  House Advantage: The house has the advantage in all games.

♦  Entertainment: SIGA casinos are a place for fun and entertainment.

♦  Safety: SIGA is concerned about your personal and financial safety while you are a guest at our casinos.


SIGA provides the following information to assist patrons in making informed decisions:

what patrons need to know

SIGA’s Responsible Gaming Policy is available upon request.