GameSense_SIGA_PopUp_v2SIGA casinos entertain over 4.5 million guests annually. We offer entertainment and excitement which includes: 1,870 slot machines, 52 live table games, live on stage entertainment and a full line of food and beverage services.

Playing games in any SIGA casino can be an exciting form of entertainment and the games are best enjoyed when patrons use their GameSense.

GameSense is the tagline used to describe SIGA’s Responsible Gaming Strategy and is a reminder to our patrons to have fun and to make good decisions about their level of participation. The tagline can be seen throughout the organization and has been placed on games and marketing material.

Since opening in 1996, SIGA has demonstrated that it has been committed to operate in a socially responsible manner. It began with the FSIN chiefs recognizing the need for an entity to address the risk of problem gambling and so the First Nation Addiction and Rehabilitation Foundation was established. That early concern to be proactive to the possibility of high risk gambling behaviour has evolved throughout the years and SIGA casinos now feature a comprehensive responsible gaming strategy which continues to grow with the gaming industry.