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SIGA has made a strong commitment to responsible gaming. Our strategy includes various
levels of training for everyone within the organization from front line employees to senior
management. We have worked collaboratively with Manitoba Lotteries in establishing a
framework which will also include awareness programs in the form of informational kiosks at
our casinos. $2.25M is invested annually into the First Nations Addictions and Rehabilitation
Foundation to support gambling addictions programming in the areas of education, prevention
and treatment within our communities.
The organization has been in the practice of establishing good corporate relations in
Saskatchewan. This has resulted in the formulation of new partnerships. In fact, SIGA has
active participation on numerous boards and committees including Tourism Saskatchewan
and the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce.
Moving Forward
This past year will go down as one which was exhaustive, but very rewarding. Being named the
2007 Business of the Year by SaskBusiness Magazine was an absolute thrill. It was then capped
off by our selection as the Tourism Saskatchewan business of the year for the 2007. These two
accomplishments make everyone associated with the organization very proud of their efforts
and achievements. This recognition also confirms that First Nations businesses have become
a significant force in the provincial economy.
Our plan for continued success is built upon reinvestment in our people, business process
improvements, facilities, and in the communities where we live and work. SIGA is proud to
report eight years of continuous growth in our revenues and net earnings, and we believe that
to sustain this success we need to build a strong internal foundation that is growing as fast as
our business is expanding. Looking forward, our future is abundant and full of opportunity.
Zane Hansen
President & CEO
Executive Team
(back left to right):
Richard AhenAkew, EDWARD LITTLEchief, Gary Daniels, DEAN HARTLEY,
Lionel Tootoosis, Paul Newton, HOWARD CAMPBELL
(front left to right):
Vance McNab, Kelly Atcheynum,
PAtricia Cook, Zane Hansen, Elma Shoulak, Bonnie Missens, Curtis STanding, Vern Acoose
Enhancing Corporate Relations continued…