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Player Loyalty
Player visitation increased from 2.3 million in 2006/2007 to nearly 3 million in 2007/2008.
Personalizing relationships with existing clientele, in addition to ensuring new patrons
feel welcome, has enabled SIGA to strengthen relationships with the people who sustain
our business.
In this fiscal year, membership increased by over 30,000 to well over 125,000 members.
Over 20,000 of these new members joined at the Dakota Dunes casino. Cash back for points
allows us to reward members based on their carded play. Members received over $5M in
cash-back rewards this year!
November 5th marked the 5 year anniversary of the SIGA Players Club. To celebrate, each
SIGA casino gave away $5,000, and Players Club members could earn 5x points on the
anniversary date. Since its inception, the SIGA Players Club has awarded $15M in cash-back
to its members.
Through cash back rewards, special birthday celebrations, VIP events, Christmas promotions,
newsletters and other rewards, SIGA continues to offer incentives which are appealing to
our guests.
Standard of Excellence/Customer Service
By conducting our business in a manner that reflects our First Nations hospitality, traditions and
customs, we are able to foster good relations with our customers. Guest satisfaction is crucial to
our success. SIGA offers a unique blend of traditional First Nations hospitality and service.
SIGA has a strong commitment to the customer experience which starts with training of its staff.
Hundreds of SIGA staff received Service Best training and the organization was recognized by
the Saskatchewan Tourism Education Council (STEC). This year, SIGA also offered the
Customer Service Seminar
to employees. This is a program provided by the “Native American
Leadership Academy” out of Arizona, USA. It is designed for Indian Gaming and Hospitality
organizations to create a more passionate, committed, happy and helpful team member in
order to deliver the ultimate customer service. SIGA has contracted to train 1,500 employees
with SIGA-trained trainers. SIGA is also offering
Responsible Service of Alcohol
training to staff.
Given through STEC, this program currently has 15% staff completion. An investment in
our employees showed positive results in staff morale and in our ability to deliver excellent
hospitality and service.
SIGA casinos continue to reach customers, ensuring each patron receives excellent
entertainment value. A competitive job market, and recruitment of over 400 employees
for the Dakota Dunes Casino emerged as two major challenges in 2007/2008. Despite
these challenges, SIGA recorded another excellent year; with patron visitation and revenues
in 2007/2008 being our highest to date.