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B e a r C l aw C a s i n o
W h i t e B e a r F i r s t N a t i o n
Located on the White Bear First Nation,
the Bear Claw Casino is situated in one
of the most picturesque regions of the
province. Since its opening in 1996,
players have come from all over the
southern part of the province and
from Manitoba and northern USA
for a chance to play in the intimate
settings of the casino and to enjoy
the beautiful surroundings.
General Description:
• 30,000 square feet of floor space
• 130 slot machines (87% TITO) and 4 live table games
• Over 120 employees
• Annual salaries and benefits: $5M
• Casino includes a gaming floor, Growlers Restaurant, stage and Bear Necessities gift shop
• Over 165 thousand visitors annually
• Roughrider Season Tickets
• Western Canada VIA Rail Tour
• Pay off your holiday bills
• Diamond Jewellery (Players Club)
• Apple MacBook and IPOD Touch (Players Club)