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Official Ribbon Cutting – August 9, 2007
D a k o t a D u n e s C a s i n o
S a s k a t o o n T r i b a l C o u n c i l
Located 20 kilometres south of Saskatoon,
the Dakota Dunes Casino is SIGA’s
largest casino and serves the Saskatoon
market. The casino is situated next to
the Dakota Dunes Golf Links (2005 Best
New Canadian golf course – Golf Digest)
and part of a tourism corridor that extends
throughout the scenic region south
of Saskatoon.
The $61M Dakota Dunes Casino, SIGA’s
largest casino, opened to the public on
August 10, 2007; two months ahead of schedule
and under budget. The opening was a major
success with over 10,000 guests during its
inaugural day of operation. The patrons
enjoyed an evening with Tom Cochrane & Red
Rider as well as the lights and excitement of an
action packed gaming floor.
Tremendous energy, time and effort were invested to ensure the Dakota Dunes Casino
would be open on time. In May 2007, SIGA hosted a career fair at the Hilton Garden Inn in
Saskatoon which resulted in over 1,500 applicants. The majority of the applications came from
First Nations people and enabled the organization to move forward with the recruitment phase
of the casino. It was a collaborative effort and one that paid huge dividends for a successful
recruitment campaign.
General Description:
• 80,000 square feet includes gaming floor, restaurant and multipurpose facility
• 575 slot machines (100% TITO), 14 live table games and 10 rapid Roulette games
• Over 400 employees
• Annual salaries and benefit $15.5M
• Double Points, Canada Day
• John Deere Garden Tractor
• Diamond Jewellery (Players Club)
• Apple MacBook and IPOD Touch (Players Club)
• Dakota Dunes Casino Opening – Million Dollar Deal, free food, free coin, and chances to win
The Dakota Dunes Casino was a finalist for the Gil Carduner award for a marketing campaign
over $20,000.