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G o l d E a g l e C a s i n o
N o r t h B a t t l e f o r d
The renovated Gold Eagle Casino
continues to provide a unique
entertainment experience for its
patrons since its opening in 1996.
The Gold Ridge Centre is a multi-function
facility which continues to host a variety
of events including weddings and
entertainment performances.
General Description:
• 39,000 square feet of floor space
• 275 slot machines (87% TITO) and 10 live table games
• Over 300 employees
• Annual salaries and benefits: $10.2M
• Casino includes gaming floor, Kihiw Restaurant and Gold Ridge Centre multipurpose facility
• Hybrid Hysteria
• Tornado of Cash
• Cash and Sea-doos
• Diamond Jewellery (Players Club)
• Apple MacBook and IPOD Touch (Players Club)
Gold Eagle Casino is the proud recipient of the “2007 Employer Tourism Training Award.”
Battlefords Tourism presented the award in recognition of outstanding commitment in tourism
training. The award is a direct reflection of the Gold Eagle Casino and SIGA’s commitment to
the company’s corporate values of Miskâsowin.