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N o r t h e r n L i g h t s C a s i n o
P r i n c e A l b e r t
Northern Lights Casino in Prince Albert
opened its doors in 1996. The diversity of
the Northern Lights Casino continues to
draw people from northern and central
Saskatchewan, along with patrons from
Alberta, through the successful bussing
program. This success has made the
Northern Lights Casino one of the
primary entertainment destinations
in Western Canada.
General Description:
• 42,000 square feet of floor space
• 465 slot machines (81% TITO) and 11 live table games
• Over 400 employees
• Annual salaries and benefits: $13.8M
• Casino includes a large gaming floor, North Star restaurant, Star Light lounge
and entertainment stage
• 1.2M guests in 2007/08
• Spring Clean Sweep ($20,000 renovations)
• Cruise Into Summer – H3 Hummer
• Let it snow – Snowmobiles
• Diamond Jewellery (Players Club)
• Apple MacBook and IPOD Touch (Players Club)
The Northern Lights Casino supported a wide variety of community events, including the
Country North Show, Powwows and Round Dances, arm wrestling, Back to Batoche, aboriginal
artwork, and numerous volunteer community groups.
Northern Lights Casino received the Samuel McLeod Business Awards of Excellence for community
involvement. This award is given to a business demonstrating exceptional performance in its support
of the arts and culture, amateur sports, or voluntary groups. The winner’s application has been
forwarded to the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce’s ABEX awards. It is the Northern Lights
Casinos first win in this category.