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P r o g r e s s R e p o r t
E m p l o y m e n t
• 73% (1,125) of the 1,725 people that SIGA employs are
First Nations.
• 83% of management positions at SIGA are currently
occupied by First Nations people.
G u e s t E x p e c t a t i o n s
• SIGA continues to conduct focus groups and gather feedback from
its employees and patrons to ensure SIGA is providing products
and service that satisfy guests. This is an ongoing commitment
the organization has deployed.
• Once again, SIGA met its target of replenishing 20% of the
gaming floor with new slot machines. SIGA is committed to
providing up to date, state of the art, interactive machines for
our patrons to enjoy.
• SIGA continues to focus on ensuing our guests are met with
a high level of satisfaction.
H u m a n R e s o u r c e s
Employee Health and Wellness
• In 2007/08, Health and Wellness Coordinators were hired
at all SIGA casinos.
• The number of Long Term Disability cases dropped 1.5%.
• Turnover levels decreased 6.6%.
Learning and Development
• Over $1.1M invested into Learning and Development programs
at SIGA in 2007/08.
Employee Satisfaction
• In 2007, a directive from the Board of Directors resulted in
Leger Marketing, an independent marketing firm, conducting
an employee satisfaction survey in 2007. According to the survey,
85% of respondents are satisfied to be an employee of SIGA.
That is up from 76% in 2004.
• An action plan was formulated as a result of the SIGA employee
feedback from the Leger survey.
1. First Nations Employment
• Human Resources Plans
for Central Office and
each casino
• Employ 1,000
First Nations people
• 80% of management
– First Nations
2. To better the health
and well-being of
SIGA’s employees
• Implementation of SIGA’s
Health & Wellness Strategy
• 2% reduction in sick
leave utilization
4. To cultivate a high level
of guest satisfaction
• Implementation of
entertainment strategy
• Link to current data
to marketing initiatives
and strategies
• Use benchmarks on guest
satisfaction to set new targets
6. To ensure that facilities and
ancillary services exceed
guest expectations
• Continue to utilize guest
satisfaction research
• Ensure that gaming products
are refreshed and updated
to current trends
• Obtain data from research,
such as guest surveys, market
research, employee feedback,
and Players Club data
• Meet our target of 20%
slot replenishment
• To have 75% cashless
service/slot operations (TITO)
3. To effectively engage
and motivate employees
through meaningful
work experiences and
learning opportunities
• Monthly Employee
Management Committee
meetings at Central Office
and each casino
• Implementation of a variable
pay program
• Implementation of SIGA’s
Learning Strategy
• 2% reduction in grievances
• Increase in employee
satisfaction rating:
– Currently 3.7
– Target 4.0
• 2% of revenues invested
in learning opportunities
for employees
5. To provide a unique SIGA
entertainment experience
and service
• Implement key components
of SIGA Hospitality model
• Documented service
changes stemming from
SIGA Hospitality model