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1. To increase profits in
existing operations
• Bench mark efficiencies and
performance indicators
• Implement new technology
in operations to improve
customer service, enhance
employee productivity, and
improve SIGA’s ability to
measure performance
• Meet or beat annual revenue
• The research and
development of industry-
related benchmarks
• Establish and meet
• Increased patronage for
Player Club and door counts
3. To develop new
business lines
• Explore business
opportunities in the
hospitality, entertainment,
consulting, and other
viable options
• Operate hotels,
entertainment centers with
a positive profit margin
• Enter consulting contracts
in the gaming and
entertainment fields
• Research and development
of lines of possible business
such as bus lines, catering,
dry cleaning, etc.
4. To build SIGA’s capacity for
slot operations
• Proceed with the Joint
Implementation Task
Force as per Casino
Operating Agreement
• The development
of new information
technology applications
• Target to have slot
technicians trained to assume
responsibilities of WCLC
5. Utilize FN’s capital assets
• Develop long-term
strategic partnerships with
First Nations businesses,
educational institutions,
and other organizations
• Increase the number of
FN’s businesses and dollars
spent with FN’s business
• Execution of partnerships
with FN educational
2. Casino Expansion
• Utilize market research
to identify potential for
market growth
• Execute the Saskatoon
Market Casino Project
• Develop and execute
the Swift Current Market
Casino Project
• The Saskatoon Market
Casino Project on schedule
and on budget
• The Swift Current Market
Casino Project on schedule
and on budget
Growing Our Business and Supporting First Nations Business