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P r o g r e s s R e p o r t
• Net income and profits increased to unprecedented levels of
$191M and $60M respectively.
Patron Loyalty
• SIGA approached three million patrons (2,960,240) in 2007/08,
up from 2,319,406 the previous year.
• The number of Players Club members increased to over 133,000
in 2007/08.
• SIGA successfully opened its 5th casino (Dakota Dunes Casino) on
August 10, 2007 two months ahead of schedule and under budget.
• A ground breaking to launch the Living Sky Casino in Swift Current,
SIGA’s sixth casino, was held April 20, 2007. Construction is well
underway and recruitment has begun to staff the casino and
performing arts centre.
• Painted Hand Casino held a ground breaking for a rebuild of the
casino in Yorkton on September 27, 2007. Excellent progress was
made on construction of the new building.
• As a result of the new casino operating agreement, SIGA
is establishing a new business development unit. The
company will explore other business lines including hotels
and entertainment centres and offer consulting services for
other casino developments.
New Technology
• SIGA is currently in the process of implementing one source,
providing SIGA with an integrated source for reports and
information. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a term to
describe the software package that is being implemented. It will
combine previously separate applications and synchronize data.
• A request for information proposal was submitted to SLGA
to support a new slot operating system for SIGA casinos.
• SIGA exceeded a target of 75% Ticket In – Ticket Out (TITO)
coin-less slot machines reaching 80% in its casinos.
Utilizing First Nations Partners
• SIGA is committed to utilizing First Nations capital assets. SIGA’s
procurement department offered informational sessions throughout
the province, meeting with Tribal Councils and local First Nation
entrepreneurs. The representatives learned how suppliers can
conduct business with SIGA and the products the company
requires, demonstrating how SIGA is working towards supporting
First Nations businesses.