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P r o g r e s s R e p o r t
Corporate Accountability
• SIGA has achieved sustained compliance with respect to internal
control benchmarks. This brings to a close the compliance file
which originally began in November 2000.
Risk Management
• Research conducted and Enterprise Management system
monitoring continues. Key organizational risks reported
quarterly to the Board of Directors.
Best Business Practices
• Continue to research and develop new programs to ensure
organization is operating efficiently.
• A realignment of the Senior Executive has been implemented and
the file of performance measurements will become a high priority
area of responsibility.
1. To sustain compliance with
the Provincial Auditor’s
recommendations and
related Saskatchewan
Liquor and Gaming
Authority directives
• Manage and maintain
compliance through
effective internal controls
• Develop work plans to
achieve the requirements
of all auditors
• Sustain compliance with
the SLGA Benchmarks
• Achieve 95% compliance
as tested by SIGA’s
internal auditor
2. To develop an Enterprise
Risk Management process
to identify and manage the
risks facing the organization
• The establishment of a
process to assess and
profile risk
• The application of a method
of creating and utilizing risk
mitigation strategies to each
identified risk
• Compliance with the SIGA
Risk Management policy
4. To implement a corporate-
wide performance
measurement method
• Implement the Balanced
Scorecard method through
the organization
• The development
of functional area
balanced scorecards
3. To achieve and maintain a
high standard of corporate
accountability through Best
Business Practices
• Ensure individual
accountability by
establishing and
managing clear
performance objectives
• The implementation
of governance
recommendations made
by SIGA’s internal auditor
in accordance with
Canadian Institute of
Chartered Accountants
(CICA): Target 89 of 89
Demonstrating Our Integrity & Transparency