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NP 58-201, section 3.9
3.9 The board should monitor compliance
with the Code and any waivers granted
for the benefit of directors and executive
officers should be granted by the board
or a board committee. Any waivers for a
material departure from the code for any
directors or officers should disclose full
details of the material change.
3.9 The Board has delegated to the Board Chair and the
Ethics Advisory Committee the responsibility for monitoring
compliance with the Authority’s Code of Conduct Policy.
NI 58-101F1, section 5(b)
5 (b) Describe steps the board takes to
ensure directors exercise independent
judgement in considering transactions
and agreements where a director or
officer has a material interest
5 (c) Describe other steps the board takes
to encourage and promote a culture of
ethical business conduct.
SIGA has a written Code of Conduct Policy applicable to
all Directors. The corporation has a Director’s Conflict of
Interest Policy meant to protect the Authority’s interest by
outlining guidelines for the Authority’s Board Members
which ensure that a conflict of interest does not exist
or appear to exist. The corporation has a Disclosure of
Wrongdoing Policy in place and, to further support that,
the board has implemented an employee hotline that is
independently operated. The hotline provides a means for
employees to report allegations of serious wrongdoing and
identify situations where wrongdoing is or has occurred so
it can be eliminated.
NP 58-201, section 3.10
3.10 The board should appoint a nominating
committee composed of entirely
independent directors.
Due to the nature of the current Gaming Agreement,
the SIGA Board make up is determined by the following:
For a portion of the year the Board of Directors was
comprised of not more than seven members. The
Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations and the
Tribal Councils nominate four of these members and the
Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority nominates
three members to the Board. Only individuals registered
as gaming employees under
The Alcohol and Gaming
Regulation Act, 1997
may be members of the Board.
As per the Casino operating Agreement, SIGA having
met the requirements of Sustained Progress, a change
in the structure and composition of the SIGA Board took
place on January 30, 2008. The new Board structure will
be comprised of no more than thirteen Directors. The
Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations and the
Tribal Councils nominating these members (one per
Tribal Council). All nominations are ratified by the FSIN
Legislative Assembly.
The SIGA Board has undertaken the responsibility of
developing a skills profile for Board members. It is
distributed to all Shareholders and the Saskatchewan
Liquor and Gaming Authority for their use as criteria to
base their nomination/selection of Directors.
SIGA’s Governance Practices
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