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SIGA’s Governance Practices
Does SIGA Align?
NI 58-101F1, section 8 continued…
• Annually review and monitor management and staff
compensation and benefit programs and policies
and recommend changes or new programs, where
• Ensure there is ongoing executive development programs
that help promising individuals within the organization
develop the critical skills identified in the succession plan.
• Annually review the administration of all management
and staff benefit and compensation plans to ensure
conformity with approved policies.
• Review the President/CEO’s evaluation of Senior
Management and ensure evaluation results are reported
in writing to the Board.
• Other human resources and compensation governance
responsibilities assigned by the Board that do not fall
within the mandate of the Governance Committee, as
set out in Policy No. B03-032, Governance Committee
Mandate or the Audit & Finance Committee, as set out
in Policy No. B03-033, Audit & Finance Committee
• Review on a regular basis the mechanisms that
management has in place for the recruitment and to
monitor the retention of employees, with a process for
monitoring risk.
• To include a host area representative on the interview and
selection committee for site General Manager positions.
• To include SLGA on the interview and selection committee
for the Sr. Vice-President, Finance & Administration.
• The Human Resource and Compensation Committee
and President/CEO will be responsible for monitoring
compliance to policy B04-005 SIGA Executive
Management Employment Contracts Policy.