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M A N A G E M E N T ’ S R E P O R T
Management is responsible for the preparation of financial statements in accordance with Canadian
generally accepted accounting principles. Management has developed internal controls over the financial
reporting process that are designed to provide assurance that reasonably reliable financial information is
produced. The Board of Directors of the Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority oversees management
in the performance of its financial reporting responsibilities. As such, the financial statements for the year
ended March 31, 2008 have been approved by the Board.
The Audit and Finance Committee acts as a liaison between the internal and external auditors
and the Board of Directors. The committee monitors internal controls over the financial reporting
process, auditing matters and financial reporting issues. The Provincial Auditor has examined
the corporation’s financial statements and issued an Auditor’s Report in this annual report.
Zane Hansen
Howard Campbell
President and CEO
Senior Vice President of Finance and Administration
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
June 13, 2008
June 13, 2008