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M E S S A G E F R O M T H E P R E S I D E N T & C E O
Over the past 11 years, the Saskatchewan Indian Gaming
Authority has demonstrated the ability to adapt to change,
positioning itself as a leader in First Nation gaming in
North America. We have become a symbol of business
excellence in gaming and entertainment in the province
of Saskatchewan.
This year, the board laid out a strategic plan focusing on the
following areas: serving our people, growing our business,
demonstrating integrity and transparency and enhancing
corporate relations.
These priorities define key business performance areas and establish a strategic decision-making
framework for SIGA. It is management’s responsibility to design and implement initiatives and to
create/acquire the assets and competencies to initiate and sustain progress in these areas. This
strategic plan outlines the initiatives and projects designed by management to accomplish this.
Serving our people
SIGA offers a nurturing and helpful corporate environment assisting new employees in the
development of careers and supporting their career goals. We recognize that by satisfying
the needs of our employees, we are in a better position to provide the customer service that
our patrons have come to expect when visiting our casinos. SIGA provides employees with
career counselling, health and wellness opportunities, Employee Family Assistance as well as
team building exercises and leadership training to ensure our employees are engaged and are
offered an opportunity to learn. According to employee satisfaction survey results conducted
in early 2008, 85% of our employees are generally satisfied with their employment at SIGA.
We feel proud knowing our employees are satisfied, but at the same time realize that we can
do more, particularly in an increasingly competitive marketplace.
SIGA takes pride in cultivating a high level of guest satisfaction. We want to provide our
guests with the very best entertainment experience through a unique offering of traditional
First Nations hospitality and service. SIGA is also committed to a reinvestment program to
ensure our facilities and ancillary services exceed the expectations of our guests. Almost
3M guests passed through the doors in 2007/08 and another 30,000 individuals joined
our Players Club, which is an example of patron loyalty and most importantly demonstrates
that SIGA is serving its people.
Growing Our Business
SIGA is currently undergoing its most aggressive expansion since its inception in 1996. In
partnership with the host Tribal Council, SIGA opened the new $61M Dakota Dunes Casino
ahead of schedule and under budget on the Whitecap Dakota First Nation. This was a major
accomplishment for the organization as over 10,000 people filed through the doors during
the first day of operation. This was a very exciting time for the organization and the SIGA staff
deserve a commendation for the countless hours of preparation which were invested in getting
the facility open. We appreciate the efforts of our staff through this very busy period.