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SIGA also began construction of a new facility in Swift Current to serve the southwest
Saskatchewan market. A ground breaking ceremony was held in April to kick off the
construction phase. I am pleased to report that good progress was made throughout the year
and we expect to have the new casino and performing arts centre open before the New Year.
In addition, excellent progress has been made on the rebuild of the Painted Hand Casino in
Yorkton, our first significant reinvestment project. SIGA will continue to reinvest in its current
facilities establishing ourselves as a leader in the gaming industry. This allows us to keep our
product looking new and attractive. The results are increased visitation and record revenues
of over $191M. We understand the importance of diversity and are constantly researching
avenues to support news lines of business such as full functioning entertainment rooms.
SIGA is committed to utilizing First Nations capital assets. The procurement department
from SIGA toured the province visiting Tribal Councils and local representatives, providing
information on how suppliers can conduct business with us and the products SIGA requires as
a multi-million dollar business. This demonstrates how SIGA is working towards supporting First
Nations businesses.
Demonstrating Our Integrity/Transparency
The Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority has established strong Corporate Governance
practices. In fact, the organization was recognized by the Conference Board of Canada
(Top 3 for Non-Profit sector) as having developed
a governance framework with policies
and procedures that are consistent with best business and governance practices in Canada
The company has an excellent management team and has effective internal controls in place.
Having achieved the benchmarks as set out in 2000 Casino Operating Agreement, the chapter
on compliance has drawn to a close. We are very proud of this accomplishment and the staff
need to be commended for their commitment to accountability, so SIGA is able to move
forward with the appropriate controls in place. In the future, it will be up to us to monitor
ourselves against those benchmarks through the internal audit process.
SIGA began the process of implementing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, which
will combine the data of formerly separate applications. This integration enables us to automate
and integrate our business processes to share common data and practices across the entire
organization and to produce and access information in a real-time environment enabling more
timely and accurate decisions.
SIGA continues to refine a corporate wide performance measurement method appropriate
for the company. Our organization will continue to maintain a high standard of corporate
accountability through best business practices.
Enhancing Corporate Relations
The company continues to build trust and support in the First Nations and non First nations
communities across Saskatchewan. We have strengthened our corporate image and increased
our profile largely due to an effort to reach out. Each year, we invest more than $1.3M in various
community groups and initiatives through our community relations sponsorship program.
That’s in addition to the 25 per cent of casino profits that are directed to regional Community
Development Corporations that support numerous programs and initiatives. A conscious effort
has been made to branch out and by getting involved not only through monetary support, but
through an expanding community relation volunteer program. SIGA is recognized as a caring
organization that gives back to the community.