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Operational Highlights
The Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority (SIGA) operates six First Nations owned
casinos in Saskatchewan. The casinos feature over 1,800 slot machines; 52 live table
games; a full line of food and beverage services and a live entertainment stage in
each facility. In addition, the casinos provide their own unique brand of First Nations
hospitality and service.
SIGA’s intent with each casino is to design a modern facility that reflects the region,
the people and First Nations tradition. SIGA continues to build and design casinos
with features that are rooted in First Nations culture and natural elements reflecting
the area.
Capital Reinvestment
The Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority has undergone a period of tremendous
growth and expansion. The company concluded a $125M capital reinvestment program
in 2008/09, the largest investment in SIGA’s history. This expansion included the
construction of two new modern casinos in 2008/09 in Swift Current and Yorkton and
the $60M Dakota Dunes Casino project completed last year. It has resulted in new
career opportunities and an increase in revenues.
SIGA opened the $35M Living Sky Casino in Swift Current on December 28, 2008
and on February 14, 2009 opened Sky Centre, a multi-purpose entertainment facility.
SIGA’s sixth casino is conveniently located on the south service road along the Trans
Canada highway and will serve the large southwest Saskatchewan market.
After 13 years in downtown Yorkton, the $30M Painted Hand Casino moved into its
new modern facility on March 11, 2009. The new building is conveniently located
on Broadway Avenue across from Gallagher Centre. The facility will expand on a well
established patron base.
Building Capacity
As a result of SIGA’s reinvestment program, 800 new jobs have been created
through expansion since 2007. The number of employees increased to 2,110
(March 31, 2009). Overall, SIGA employs 1,359 First Nations people or 65% of the
total staffing complement, making the company the largest employer of First Nations
people in the country.
Meanwhile, SIGA is proud to report the turnover percentage fell by 2.17% from the
previous year. This is a key indicator that the retention strategy is having a positive
impact on how employees view the company and their decision to choose SIGA as
their employer of “first choice”.
SIGA Human Resources conducted a host of learning events in 2008/09 with most
of the 5,723 events relating to training new employees at the Living Sky Casino
in Swift Current. SIGA remains committed to developing its employees by investing
in its people through a variety of learning opportunities.