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Entertaining Saskatchewan
Providing guests with an outstanding First Nations hospitality and entertainment
experience is one of SIGA’s corporate goals. In order to achieve this goal, SIGA has
developed a comprehensive marketing strategy which includes a variety of promotions
and activities. This will ensure that SIGA casinos continue to provide outstanding
entertainment value for our guests.
In an effort to produce consistent branding, new marquis signs were installed at all six
casinos this past year. In addition, SIGA’s signature tipi lights were completed at all the
casinos. Other improvements and reinvestments will continue well into the future.
Promotions and Prizes
Exciting giveaways, prizes, and jackpots have become a hallmark of SIGA casinos.
In 2008/09, the area wide progressive table games (a SIGA signature) continued their
success along with Smoke Signals slot machine progressive jackpots and a SIGA wide
Poker Championship. The winner received $100,000 cash and a seat at the 2009
World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. Some of this year’s lucky winners were thrilled to
receive his and hers Harley Davidson motorcycles at Dakota Dunes Casino, a 2009 GMC
Canyon truck at the Bear Claw Casino, a truck and trailer at Gold Eagle Casino, an RV
at Northern Lights, a 2009 Pontiac G6 at Living Sky Casino, and $20,000 in Flurries
of Cash at the Painted Hand Casino. The Dakota Dunes Casino gave over $90,000 in
cash and prizes in its Sizzling Summer promotion, including many exciting prizes such
as a hot tub, sauna, barbecues, an outdoor pool, patio set and much more.
Transportation Services
There has been a significant increase in the use of SIGA transportation services this
past year. Motor Coach tours provide seasonal motor coach packages, appreciation
parties and advertising cooperatives with busing companies. This service brings in more
than 14,500 guests to SIGA casinos proving to be a successful and valuable service.
Over 20,000 guests utilized the valet service and an estimated 174,000 used the
shuttle service in 2008/09. So far, these services have been implemented in three out
of six casinos. SIGA will be taking the opportunity to expand its services into its other
markets in the near future.
Player Loyalty
Player loyalty remains very strong at SIGA. A record 3.6 million players visited SIGA
casinos in 2008/09, the company’s most successful year to date. Players Club
membership also grew to 178,000 from 125,000 in the past fiscal year. In addition
to attractive facilities and exciting games, SIGA casinos continue to offer outstanding
hospitality. This has been accomplished by developing personal relationships with
guests, by making them feel welcome and valued.