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SIGA’s Governance Practices
Does SIGA Align?
NI 58-101F1, section 8 continued…
Governance Committee
The board has approved a mandate for the Governance
Committee with the following specific functions, duties and
Monitor best practices for governance and annually review the
Authority’s governance practices to ensure that the Authority
continues to exemplify high standards of corporate governance.
Develop and recommend corporate governance structures,
principles, practices, and policies.
Review the structure, composition, mandate and membership
at least annually for the board and each committee and
recommend to the board any amendments as deemed
necessary or advisable.
Oversee the evaluation of the board and its committees.
Oversee the orientation and on-going education of
board members.
Review annually the level and nature of compensation
for directors.
Oversee the Authority’s processes for providing information
to the board.
Receive a report from the President/CEO on an annual
basis, that the corporation has met its legal requirements
and obligations.
Develop and recommend position descriptions for the board,
board Chair, directors, and President/CEO.
Recommend to the board the appointment/dismissal of the
Oversee the evaluation of the President/CEO. Ensure
evaluation results are reported in writing to the board.
Review in advance any plans for changes to the organization
structure and reporting relationships pertaining to the Senior
Executive as defined in 3.3 above, and make appropriate
recommendations to the board in order to assist the board in
coming to a decision whether to approve the proposed changes.
Recommend succession plans for the President/CEO.
Develop guidelines, measures and means of assessing
intergovernmental and member relations.
Ensure there is a communications policy in place for
the Authority.