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At SIGA, we place a high priority on being a responsible corporate citizen and keeping gaming
enjoyable and sustainable for everyone for the long term. As a proudly owned and operated First
Nations company, SIGA will continue to honour and respect its values by conducting our business
with integrity, developing good relations and giving back to the communities where we live and work.
In 2008/09 we once again invested $1.3M back into Saskatchewan First Nations and communities
by way of the SIGA community relations sponsorship program, benefitting numerous large and
small events. This investment is on top of the 100% of gaming profits we turnover annually to our
beneficiaries, the First Nations communities of Saskatchewan and the communities we operate
in. SIGA also recognizes the importance of providing gaming as an enjoyable and sustainable
entertainment experience for our customers. In 2008/09, we made further investments in our
Responsible Gaming program and we continued our support of the First Nations Addiction and
Rehabilitation Foundation.
Our success at SIGA is directly aligned with the governance foundation that supports and gives
direction to our organization – the Board of Directors. In February of this year SIGA received national
recognition for governance excellence at the 2009 Conference Board of Canada/Spencer Stuart
National Awards in Governance. SIGA was the winner in the non-profit category. This award is very
gratifying for our board who have worked hard to set the bar in the area of corporate governance.
This past year we have clearly demonstrated why SIGA is one of Saskatchewan’s leading companies.
I would like to thank the board, management and staff for your contributions to our success at SIGA.
Together, we will continue to make sound investments to ensure a brighter future for tomorrow’s First
Nations families.
Best Regards
President & CEO