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Play Responsibly
As a responsible corporate citizen, SIGA has made a
commitment to our customers, employees, stakeholders
and suppliers to advocate the responsible use of its
gaming products and to minimize the potential for harm.
SIGA continues to make strides in the area of Responsible
Gaming. Kiosks are installed at all SIGA casinos, which
provide education and awareness for casino guests. Kiosk
training was held for guest services at all SIGA properties.
SIGA also hired a dedicated person to oversee the
Responsible Gaming program.
Responsible Gaming training Level One is mandatory for
all staff and Level Two training continues to be held at all
SIGA casino locations for supervisory positions. SIGA will
continue training staff for Level Three which will entail
a more comprehensive approach to informed choice and
incorporate best practices when dealing with patrons
who may be experiencing problems.
In addition, SIGA held discussions with the Canadian
Responsible Gaming Council to develop a partnership.
SIGA also meets with community groups and works with
FNARF Technical Working Group to discuss problem
gambling and responsible gaming initiatives.
SIGA’s proactive approach to responsible gaming includes:
staff awareness and training on problem gambling;
promoting available services;
providing information and resources materials;
Responsible Gaming kiosks that provide information
in an interactive format, so customers can make
informed gaming decisions;
$2.25 million allocated annually to the First Nations
Addictions Rehabilitation Foundation (FNARF).
2009 SIGA Scholarship Awards
On November 23, 2009 SIGA announced the winners
of the 2009 SIGA First Nation Scholarship Awards.
$25,000 is available annually to First Nations students
in Saskatchewan to assist them in their educational
pursuits. In total, 14 First Nations students from
across the province were awarded scholarships.
The SIGA First Nations Scholarships Awards program
provides opportunities to encourage education and
continued learning. The program also helps students
successfully achieve career goals within SIGA and the
broader community. SIGA developed the scholarship
program to address fields where recruiting has
traditionally been a challenge.
Two $5000 scholarships are awarded to students in
Information Technology, Commerce or Hospitality and
Tourism Management. In addition, two $2500 scholarships
are awarded to students studying Communication or
Electronics and ten $1000 scholarships are awarded
to eligible students in any other field.
The SIGA scholarship selection committee focused on
the students’ commitment to their chosen field, level of
community participation within cultural events through
volunteerism and the individual’s financial needs.
SIGA Volunteer Program
SIGA has continued supporting community initiatives
by developing an employee owned and driven volunteer
program. The program includes the coordination of the
Volunteer Program Advisory Committee and recruitment
messaging, recruitment of local site volunteer coordinators
and committees and the acquisition of Volunteer
T-shirts and rewards for volunteers. SIGA had previously
designated volunteer pilot programs at two locations in
the previous fiscal year: Northern Lights Casino and Living
Sky Casino. Community partners were chosen for these
two pilot locations.
SIGA employees continue to volunteer for many causes
in their communities. SIGA’s Volunteer Program will
only add to our commitment to Building Success in
our communities.
Thank you for your continuous
support. Your generosity has
touched the lives of children
whose lives have been touched
by cancer.
– Camp Circle of Friends