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Strategic planning overview
2009/2010 launches a new era for SIGA. With a new governance structure in place, it was an
opportune time to review and reset our focus and priorities.
In 2009, SIGA introduced a strategic planning process which lengthened our planning horizon
to five years. This is a new process for SIGA, and it will evolve as management and the Board
utilize it and communicate to our stakeholders our direction and priorities for the next five
years. This comprehensive plan ensures SIGA’s future success and development to continue as
a leading First Nations gaming organization.
The foundation of our strategy is based on ensuring that three strategic themes are well
communicated, understood, and executed. These strategic themes ensure we have a clear
focus on providing Customer Service Excellence, and that we will continue to Grow and Develop
our Business as we strive for Organizational Excellence in all that we do.
To live our Mission and achieve our Vision, SIGA has developed a customer intimacy strategy
that, when executed, will increase net income and First Nations employment. The strategy
is designed to utilize the skills and talents of our people by providing inspirational leadership
and the support of an organizational culture that reflects our guiding principles and best
business practices.
SIGA is using a highly regarded model of planning known as the Balanced Scorecard. This
performance management tool helps us ensure that the operational activities and initiatives
are aligned with the objectives of the company in terms of vision and strategy. By balancing
financial performance, customer expectations, operational processes, and human resource
capital, the Balanced Scorecard provides us with a more comprehensive view of our business.
The strategy begins with a foundation of the right people working in a positive environment.
It enables SIGA to improve business processes and thereby create a better experience for our
customers, which delivers positive benefits to our First Nations shareholders. Through our
people, we will build internal capabilities to deliver to our customers a unique First Nations
gaming experience that will generate the outcomes required by our shareholders by 2014.
The following table represents an overview of SIGA’s strategic plan for 2009-2014.
Building Success:
Creating a Better tomorrow
for our people