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Message from the
On behalf of the Board of Directors, it’s an
honour to submit the 2009/10 Annual Report
for the Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority.
2009 was a challenging year for everyone.
Even with the relatively healthy economy in
Saskatchewan, the economic downturn that
began in late 2008 had an impact on SIGA’s
operations. However, for the first time, SIGA
hosted over 4 million guests. And despite
the difficulties we all faced, SIGA once
again returned revenues of over $60M
for our shareholders.
As stewards of the organization, the Board has
set out a course for the future by implementing
a new strategic direction. This plan, which
lengthened SIGA’s planning horizon to five
years, will continue to focus on the mandates
of providing employment opportunities and
revenues for First Nations people. This will
be accomplished by focusing on achieving
outcomes required by our shareholders,
customers, and employees.
Our most important resource is our people;
employees form the foundation of the plan,
for without our people, SIGA would not be the
successful First Nations gaming organization
it is today. Our Board is proud of how SIGA’s
management and employees responded to
this year’s challenges. I want to commend
the Directors, the management team and
staff for their ongoing guidance, enthusiasm,
and understanding of what it takes to shape
future growth and change at SIGA. Collectively,
the efforts of these groups will ensure the
continued success of our common vision
as we look into the future.
SIGA Board Chair