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“When I started with SIGA, I was on assistance. I understand how
it is to endure through struggles and hardships, wondering where
my next gallon of milk was coming from or whether I was going to
get my phone disconnected. Almost 12 years later, I am still with
SIGA and enjoying it!! SIGA has changed my outlook on life. Now,
I just want to be able to give back to my community. I sit on the
SIGA Volunteer committee, and what motivates me, is if I can bring
a smile to just one person, if I can teach just one person that they
possess the ability to get out there and change their personal story,
I know I am making a difference. I take pride in and am proud to say
“I am a SIGA Employee.”
– Alishia Stevens
Guest Services Supervisor and SIGA Volunteer Committee member at Northern Lights Casino