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At SIGA, we take great pride in being a leading
First Nations gaming and entertainment
organization. With a team of 2200 dedicated
employees that contains one of the largest First
Nations workforces in Canada, we constantly
strive to create a second to none entertainment
experience for the people of Saskatchewan.
Our guiding principle, Tâpwêwin, advocates
speaking with precision and accuracy to all our
stakeholders. By all accounts, this past fiscal
year presented challenging market conditions
as we all felt the effects of the global
economic crisis. While we did adapt to the
new environment, we also made it a priority to
maintain the value and service we provide our
customers and we preserved our commitment
to our employees. A clear indication of this
commitment came in the form of visitation
levels which eclipsed four million for the
first time in the history of our company. Softer
market conditions did result in our net earnings
coming in slightly below the record levels
of the previous year. However, I am proud
to say we recorded our third straight year
of net earnings above $60 million dollars.
Throughout this period, we also maintained the
course on key strategic investments that will
further improve the customer experience in the
years to come. We commenced the rollout of
our food and beverage enhancement program
to ensure consistently high dining standards
for our patrons. We initiated projects that will
improve the air quality and layout of our gaming
floors. And for the first time in SIGA’s history,
we launched our first accommodation project
that will see the re-opening of a fully revitalized
Bear Claw Hotel in the summer of 2010.
Regardless of the market conditions we
face, the long term focus of our strategic plan
remains the same: providing the best possible
service and entertainment experience to our
customers, providing a great work environment
for our employees and continuously seeking
ways to invest in and improve our company.
At SIGA, we also place a high priority on being
a good corporate citizen that contributes to
the communities in which we live and work.
By creating jobs, supporting community
initiatives, and buying goods and services
locally, we help our neighbours and contribute
to the community as a whole. As a proudly
Message from the
President & CEO