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In April, the Children’s Wish Foundation invited SIGA to participate in Exile
Island, a fundraiser themed after the popular Survivor TV show. Exile Island
challenged ten companies to each raise enough funds to grant one child with
a life threatening or debilitating illness a wish. SIGA was assigned a wish
child: 11 year old Robyn.
SIGA’s fundraising challenges ran from April 19 to May 17. The SIGA
family worked together to not only meet a common goal, but exceeded
all expectations. We barbecued, spent time as GM for the day, gave up
our spare change, and took pies in the face to grant Robyn her special wish.
At the final event on May 20, SIGA’s ten brave warriors, with SIGA President
and CEO Zane Hansen as the tribe’s leader, faced heat and rain, hail and
bugs. They ate raw fish, head cheese, spam and even pig brains. They
solved puzzles, raced on skis, sang a song, and hauled water from the river.
Victory was a result of the hard work and effort from all the SIGA staff to
raise an incredible $45,722.48. In total, all ten competing companies
raised over $160,000 which was enough to grant 16 wishes. SIGA alone
was responsible for granting 4.5 of them. The true winners of the day were
the wish children. Robyn and her family were there to cheer the Witaskewin
Warriors on and they had this message to send: “Thank you for your generous
support and for making my wish come true. And don‘t say it was nothing,
because it meant everything to me.”
But granting Robyn’s wish, raising over $45,000, and winning the Immunity
Idol weren’t the only perks to participating in this corporate challenge.
Robyn’s story was touching, and inspired all 2100 SIGA employees to unite
together under one cause. The camaraderie, teamwork, and sense of pride
experienced by employees was clearly evident. Getting involved in Exile
Island was a perfect fit with SIGA’s values. The SIGA Wîtaskêwin Warriors
fought hard to share success and grant a wish to children in need.
In 2010-2011, SIGA also supported organizations and charitable events
through our corporate relations programs. Donations like corporate table
purchases, golf-hole sponsorships, logoed merchandise for silent auctions
and prizes, also support the fundraising efforts of hundreds of organizations
across the province.