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Message from the
The Chiefs of Saskatchewan established SIGA in
1995 as a non-profit organization with a vision of
sharing success and strengthening the lives of First
Nations people through employment, economic
growth, and community relations. The impact SIGA
has had on First Nations people and the province
of Saskatchewan since then has been remarkable.
SIGA has become an important and significant
employer in Saskatchewan. More than 2,100 people
are now working for the organization, including over
1,300 First Nations people. We are proud that SIGA
has grown to become one of the largest and most
successful First Nations employers in Canada.
The positive economic impact generated by SIGA continues to benefit the First Nations in
this province. As SIGA continues to honour and respect its values by conducting business
with integrity, developing good relations and giving back to the communities, its long-term
sustainability and strong focus on the future will provide many more benefits to all First
Nations as well to citizens in Saskatchewan.
At its core, SIGA exists to give back. SIGA’s guiding principle, “Wîtaskêwin,” speaks to
sharing the land or sharing resources. Giving back to the communities, whether it is in
Education, Health, Elders or Youth programs, Employment, Tourism, First Nations Culture,
or Sports and Recreation, SIGA enriches the lives of Saskatchewan and First Nations people
across the province.
It is with great pride I submit the Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority Inc. report ending
March 31st, 2011.
Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations