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Message from the
On behalf of the Board of Directors, it’s an honour
to submit the 2010/11 Annual Report for the
Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority.
SIGA’s vision is to deliver sustainable net income
and employment opportunities to support First
Nations development in Saskatchewan. With everyone
on the SIGA Board and within the organization
working towards this end, the company has achieved
incredible success. SIGA continues to be one
of the largest and most successful First Nations
organizations in the country, providing employment
for over 1,300 First Nations people and returning
over $60M in revenues for four out of our fifteen
years of operations. Since opening its doors, SIGA
has generated over $534 million dollars in revenue for our beneficiaries, and nearly half
of this was in the past four years alone. This is an astounding accomplishment for our
young company, one that we can all be proud of.
As stewards of the organization, the Board sets out a course for the future by implementing
the strategic direction for the company. Always looking five years ahead, SIGA continues to
reinvest in its facilities and its people, and implement initiatives that focus on the outcomes
required by our shareholders, customers, and employees.
2010 will be the last year I serve as SIGA’s Board Chair. It has been an honour to serve for
the past four years, and I want to commend the Directors, the management team, and
all SIGA employees for their ongoing guidance, enthusiasm, and understanding of what it
takes to shape future growth and change at SIGA. Collectively, the efforts of these groups
will ensure the success of our common vision for the organization.
SIGA Board Chair