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As a non-profit First Nations organization, our business is about helping people. We do this
not only by generating revenues for our beneficiaries, but also by giving back to the
communities in which we live and work. By creating jobs, supporting community initiatives,
and buying goods and services locally wherever possible, we help our neighbours and build
support for our operations. This year, SIGA once again invested $1.3M to support hundreds
of community groups across Saskatchewan through our sponsorship program. This investment
is on top of the 100% of gaming profits which are returned to our beneficiaries, the First
Nations communities of Saskatchewan and the communities we operate in. SIGA is also
investing in our future, by providing scholarships to First Nations students in our annual
First Nations Scholarship Awards Program. And we are implementing a volunteer program
to support and recognize our many employees who are active members in their community.
Providing an excellent entertainment experience for our customers is our business, but it
is important to do so responsibly. SIGA is committed to Responsible Gaming, and we
demonstrate this by contributing $2.25M annually to the First Nations Addictions and
Rehabilitation Foundation. Furthermore, we work collaboratively with advocacy groups,
provide information for our customers, train our employees, and research best business
practices to help keep casino gaming in Saskatchewan an enjoyable activity for all patrons.
Despite being faced with maturing market conditions this past year, we continue to focus
on delivering value for our customers, our employees, and ultimately for our shareholders.
This ensures we continue to fulfill our mandate of strengthening the lives of First Nations
people through employment, economic growth, positive community relations and financial
self reliance. The impact SIGA has had on Saskatchewan has been tremendous, and together
with our customers, employees and stakeholders, we look forward to many years of success
into the future.
President & CEO