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Since its opening in 1996, SIGA has demonstrated it
has been committed to operate in a socially responsible
manner by maintaining a responsible gaming environment,
promoting responsible gambling, and being responsive
to the issue of problem gambling. At SIGA, we make
a concerted effort to provide our patrons with the
resources to make informed decisions about their
level of gambling.
SIGA’s Responsible Gaming Strategy consists of four
key elements.
• Responsible Gaming Policies and Procedures
• Assisting Patrons
• Game and Venue Features
• Employee Training
Responsible Gaming Information Kiosks have been
operational at all SIGA casinos since September 2009.
The kiosks are located on the gaming floor providing
education and awareness for casino patrons. In 2011/
2012, the Play Responsibly kiosks received 5421 touches.
Training employees in responsible gaming is a key area
within the SIGA Responsible Gaming Strategy. The
training provides information on SIGA’s responsible
gaming policy, how gambling works, gambling behaviour,
and staff responsibility in the responsible gaming strategy.
New hires receive Responsible Gaming Level 1 training
during their orientation and in 2011/2012, 281 staff
members received training in Responsible Gaming Level 2.
SIGA is a member of the Saskatchewan Partnership for
Responsible Gambling and also has partnerships with
support agencies at the local, provincial and national level,
such as First Nation Addiction Rehabilitation Foundation,
SaskHealth, SaskGaming Corporation, Gamblers
Anonymous, and the Canadian Mental Health Association.
SIGA provides $2.25 million annually to the First Nation
Addiction Rehabilitation Foundation.
Five new Responsible Gaming brochures were developed
and distributed to the six casino sites. These brochures
provide responsible gambling information to assist patrons
in making informed decisions. These brochures were titled;
How to Play Responsibly, Self Exclusion, Slot Machines,
Self Assessment, and Know How Gambling Works.
The SIGA First Nation Scholarship Program is an incentive
to encourage First Nation individuals to pursue education
and continued learning in academic areas considered
to be vital to the continued success of First Nations
employment in Saskatchewan. The wide range of
applicants consists of students pursuing post-secondary
education in a multitudinous array of subject matter,
from trades to PhDs and everything in between. Since
the programs’ inception in 2009, SIGA has seen a 38%
increase in qualified applicants overall and SIGA has
awarded a total of $75,000 in scholarship funds over
the past 3 years, with $25,000 awarded each year.
In November 2011, SIGA announced the recipients
of the 2011 SIGA First Nation Scholarship Awards
($25,000 is available annually to First Nations students
in Saskatchewan to assist them in their educational
pursuits). In total, 24 First Nations students from
across the province were awarded scholarships.
The SIGA First Nations Scholarships Awards program
provides opportunities to encourage education and
continued learning. The program also helps students
successfully achieve career goals within SIGA and the
broader community. SIGA developed the scholarship
program to address fields where recruiting has
traditionally been a challenge.
SIGA employees volunteer for many causes in
their communities. SIGA’s Volunteer Program
demonstrates SIGA’s commitment to Building
Success in our communities.
SIGA has continued supporting community initiatives by
developing an employee owned and driven volunteer
program. The program includes coordination of the
Volunteer Program Advisory Committee. The past year
has involved rolling out the Volunteer Program to all of
our casino sites including our Central Office. The first
step was recruiting local site volunteer coordinators
and committees, and the designation of rewards
for volunteers including Volunteer T-shirts for team
members. Community partners were chosen in each
community to become our designated charities of choice
for our team members to demonstrate the commitment
through volunteerism.
The SIGA volunteer program was rolled out at all of our
SIGA properties in 2011 and 2012. Volunteer coordinators
and their volunteer committees have been working
on recruitment and are committed to working with
their partner organizations. With 14% of SIGA’s 1,900
employees signed up for the program, this amounted
to hundreds of hours of volunteer time. We are very
proud of sharing success through our Community
Investments programs.