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Building Success
Creating A Better Tomorrow for Our People
SIGA’s strategic plan focuses on developing an intimate
relationship with customers and offering products and
services to those customers that increase revenue, income
and employment. Utilizing the balanced scorecard
methodology SIGA has developed strategic objectives
and strategic initiatives. For each strategic objective
performance measures and targets have been established
for a rolling five year period. For strategic initiatives SIGA
has designated a member of the executive team to act as
project sponsor and milestone have been established to
track the progress of the initiative.
SIGA has developed its strategic plan utilizing the
Balanced Scorecard model to look at our business from
the viewpoint of owners and customers to determine
what products and services we must offer and what key
business process satisfy customer needs.
The model allows SIGA to demonstrate how staff
is supported in meeting customer needs by the
organizations investments in educational programs
and technology.
While the Balanced Scorecard Strategic Planning model is
very complex it also recognizes that a strategy that cannot
be clearly communicated throughout an organization will
not succeed. The model resolves the conflict between
a complex plan and simple communication through
a tool called a strategy map. This tool is a graphical
representation of the outcomes that a company must
deliver to its shareholders and customers, the key
business process it must excel at, and the employee
skills and technologies that can be applied to complete
those processes.