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Our most important resource is our people
For SIGA and our strategic plan to be successful we must invest in our most important resource – our people.
Strategic Objectives
Performance Indicators
Talented workforce
Attract, retain, develop and reward talented
individuals that can become integrated into
high performance teams.
Increased our Learning Investment per employee
Increased employee awareness of Career
Counsellor and Personal Development Planning.
Focus on delivering CORE training to employees;
exceeded target.
Inspirational Leadership
Support and mentor employees within SIGA
to develop the leadership competencies
required by the organization to motivate and
inspire teams to accomplish SIGA’s vision.
Create an alignment in SIGA’s educational,
experiential and compensation programs
to recognize and reward individual skills
and performance.
Over 5000 learning and development events.
SIGA’s vision, mission and objectives are
communicated at each staff assembly, employee
handbook, on-line orientation, on posters/
plaques posted in employee lounges, etc, further
efforts to improve this rating are on-going.
Live SIGA’s Culture
Support a culture that celebrates our First
Nations values/traditions and engages
employees to contribute to the goals
and objectives of a leading First Nations
Employer Supported Volunteer Program launched
at all seven SIGA site (including Central Office).
Employee Volunteer Coordinators identified
and trained.
Employee participation targets achieved.
Modern Technology
Maintaining a modern technical
infrastructure will ensure that SIGA
maintains a competitive advantage
through new product introductions,
efficient operations, access to actionable
information and risk mitigation.
Significant percentage of SIGA employees agree
that SIGA provides the technology that allows
them to do their job.