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Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority Inc.
Notes to the Financial Statements
year ended March 31, 2012
Notes to the Reconciliations:
The following notes explain the impact of the significant differences between the previous historical CGAAP accounting policies and
the current IFRS accounting policies applied by SIGA.
a) Revenue
Under CGAAP, the retail value of goods and services provided to guests without charge was included in revenue and then deducted
as promotional allowances. Under IFRS, revenue is reported net of promotional allowances.
There is no impact to comprehensive income.
b) Presentation Reclassifications
Certain expenses which were previously included in cost of sales; general and administrative; other operating; building repairs and
maintenance; and advertising, promotion and sponsorships have been reclassified on the statement of comprehensive income.
There is no impact to comprehensive income.
c) Material adjustments to the Statement of Cash Flows for the year ended March 31, 2011
Interest paid has moved into a separate line item in the financing activities section of the comprehensive statement of cash flows,
whereas they were previously disclosed as part of the net income in the operating activities section. There are no other material
differences between the statement of cash flows presented under IFRS and the statement of cash flows presented under CGAAP.