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I would like to take this opportunity
to thank our customers for their
continued patronage. In addition,
I would like to express our pride and
gratitude to our employees. Not only
do they deliver traditional First Nations
hospitality to our patrons, which is
second to none, but they generously
give of their time as volunteers in our
communities. By keeping a focus on
serving our customers and careful
management of our resources we
have been able to produce steady
progressive gains in our performance.
We have had an extremely successful
year as we recorded record revenues of
$267.2M and a profit of $81.6M for the
2011/2012 fiscal year. This represents
an increase of 27% over the previous
year’s net earnings. The mild weather
and favourable market conditions
including a strong provincial economy
contributed to increased visitation to
the casinos and overall revenue. In
addition, the improved performance
can be attributed to SIGA’s continued
focus on efficiency improvements
and investments made in prior years
to enhance our facilities.
Over the past 16 years SIGA has
been very successful in developing
a vibrant gaming and entertainment
industry in Saskatchewan.
We have grown our company into
a First Nations development model
that is consistently looked upon as a
leading example of how to maximize
benefits from First Nations business
development. During the past 6 years
we have expanded our operations into
two new markets in Saskatchewan.
And with the help of our First Nations
development partners, we have
created an unprecedented $125M
in economic investment on reserves
in Saskatchewan. We are proud that
our casinos have become a valued
attraction to the communities in
which we operate. SIGA has been
and continues to be an important
business entity owned and operated
by Saskatchewan First Nations.
With over 1900 employees, SIGA
is one of Saskatchewan’s largest
employers. In addition, it is the largest
employer of First Nations people
in Canada. First Nations employees
represent 65% of SIGA’s workforce.
The company continues to strengthen
the lives of First Nations people in
Saskatchewan through employment,
economic growth and community
relations initiatives. Our family of
casinos offer a distinct First Nations
entertainment experience that reflects
the traditional aspects of First Nations
heritage and hospitality.
Message from President & CEO