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Thank you to our SIGA Board
members. They remain focused on
the governance of the corporation
and serving our stakeholders through
organizational performance. SIGA
operates in one of Canada’s most
highly regulated industries; as a result,
SIGA has developed policies and
standards consistent with industries
of similar size and nature. We
have been recognized, both
provincially and nationally, for
our operational excellence.
This year, SIGA once again invested
$l.3M to support hundreds
of community groups across
Saskatchewan through our sponsorship
program. By embracing and
implementing the teachings of our
Elders, we foster our philanthropic
commitment by giving back to our
communities. This important aspiration
is inherent in who we are as a First
Nations organization. This investment
is on top of the 100% of gaming profits
which are returned to our beneficiaries.
Through “Sharing Success” initiatives,
SIGA will continue to build and enrich
communities in Saskatchewan and
as a result, everyone will benefit.
Since opening its doors in 1996
SIGA has demonstrated it has been
committed to operate in a socially
responsible manner by maintaining
a responsible gaming environment.
Promoting responsible gambling,
and being responsive to the issue
of problem gambling. We make a
concerted effort to provide our patrons
with the resources to make informed
decisions about their level of gambling.
Our mission is built around
strengthening the lives of First
Nations people through employment,
economic growth, positive community
relations, and financial self-reliance.
My colleagues and I have been
working hard to build a reputation
that our shareholders, our patrons,
and our employees can support and
be proud of. We are, and still remain,
a successful, award-winning business
committed to providing an exceptional
service to our patrons.
President & CEO