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SIGA operates six First Nations owned casinos in Saskatchewan. The casinos feature
1,870 slot machines; 52 live table games; a full line of food and beverage services and a live
entertainment stage in each facility. In addition, the casinos provide their own unique brand
of First Nations hospitality and service.
SIGA’s intent with each casino is to design a modern facility that reflects the region, the people
and First Nations tradition. SIGA continues to reinvest in our casinos with features that are
rooted in First Nations culture and natural elements.
Capital Reinvestment
The improvements to our facilities and our focus on a number of operational enhancements
have improved the entertainment experience for our customers and will provide long-term
sustainable returns for our beneficiaries.
In the past number of years, SIGA has expanded its operations in such a way that by working
with partners in the local communities that surround SIGA casinos, SIGA has created an
unprecedented $125M in economic investment on reserves in Saskatchewan.
In the 2012-2013 year, SIGA executed an abundance of capital projects that included
enhancements at all of our casinos improving the experience of our patrons and staff in all
of our facilities. These enhancements included – flooring upgrades to staff and patron areas,
installation of irrigation systems, parking lot repairs, upgrading HVAC systems (to improve air
quality in smoking rooms) and many other initiatives. We are committed to investing in facility
upgrades with our patrons, stakeholders, shareholders and employees kept in mind.
On an annual basis, SIGA takes the necessary steps to provide the newest product, quality
food, outstanding hospitality, and service to ensure our customers are receiving outstanding
entertainment value.
Building Capacity
Providing employment opportunities for First Nations people is an essential part of SIGA’s
mission and vision as an organization. Overall, SIGA employs approximately 1,262 First Nations
people, equating to 65% of the total staffing complement. This makes SIGA the largest First
Nations employer of First Nations people in the country.
Our people are our most valuable resource, and SIGA remains committed to developing our
employees by investing in them through a variety of learning opportunities. SIGA Human
Resources conducted over 5,000 learning events in 2012/2013. SIGA’s educational training
and support included items such as orientation, responsible gaming, and job-specific
knowledge and skills. SIGA also provided opportunities and support to employees for future
growth, with a full -time career counsellor assisting employees in developing career goals,
designing an educational development plan and creating career plans. Through these
and many other opportunities, SIGA remains committed to providing opportunities for our
employees to develop the skills they need to succeed in the workplace now and in the future.
Operational Highlights
Slot Machines
Live Table Games
Economic investment in
Saskatchewan reserves
First Nations Employees
Employee Satisfaction