Page 23 - SIGA Annual Report 2013

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Dakota Dunes Casino
Whitecap Dakota First Nation
Operational Highlights:
The $60M dollar casino opened in August 2007 and
boasts an 86,500 square foot entertainment facility
which was recognized for its award winning design.
Dakota Dunes Casino offers the excitement of 575
slot machines, 18 live table games and a Touchbet
Roulette game featuring 10 stations. The casino
also provides the convenience of a deli, a restaurant
and a fully functional multi-purpose Tatanka Tipi
room. Dakota Dunes Casino has hosted a variety
of conferences and performances over the past
year including Charlie Major, Randy Travis and
Tanya Tucker.
Employee Development Highlights:
Dakota Dunes Casino is SIGA’s largest casino
employing 466 people.
Our very talented Human Resources (H.R.) and
Management team continues to increase First
Nation employment by creating a talented workforce,
encouraging positive leadership, creating role
models, and a healthy work environment. HR
works in partnership with all departmental managers
promoting this aspect to create a balanced and
happy working culture. Our managerial staff strives
to fulfill their responsibilities of the overall SIGA
strategic plan by promoting and encouraging the
mission and vision statement.
Over the past year our Volunteer Committee has
taken over initiatives such as a preparing the midnight
lunch for the BATC First Nations Winter Games Round
Dance, another Children’s Wish Foundation “Exile
Island” Challenge which sent our SIGA Wish Child
Shireen to meet the Disney princesses, a Winter
Clothing Drive for St. Mary’s School, community
clean-ups and helping bring Christmas magic to
those in need with the Salvation Army.
Sponsorship Highlights:
Sask Easter Seals
2012 Children’s Hospital Jeans & Jewels Gala
Child Find Saskatchewan
Big Brothers Big Sisters
Saskatoon Crimestoppers Denim & Diamonds
22nd Annual Santa Claus Parade
30th STC Anniversary Gala
SICC Language Keepers Conference
Ronald McDonald House