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Northern Lights Casino
Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation
Operational Highlights:
Since 1996 the Northern Lights Casino (NLC) has
been a primary entertainment destination in western
Canada. The 46,300 square foot facility offers a large
gaming floor that hosts 520 slot machines and the
excitement of 11 live table games. Visitors to the
casino can also experience fine dining at the casino’s
North Star restaurant and entertainment in the
multiple award-winning Star Light lounge. Northern
Lights Casino is the only venue in Canada to host
weekly fiddling shows.
Employee Development Highlights:
With over 400 employees this casino is one of Prince
Albert’s largest employers. We are strengthening the
community through community involvement as many
staff are involved in giving back to the community. In
addition, many of the management team sit on boards
in our community.
Staff have benefited from management’s emphasis
on core training and mentorship programs. With
initiatives such as the opportunity for staff to
participate in programs like the “Expression of
Interest” initiative, employees are also given an
opportunity to experience other positions they may
have an interest in as part of a career pathing plan.
Over the past 17 years the Northern Lights Casino
and their countless staff-driven volunteer efforts
have made an impact for many local organizations
and charities. NLC is also involved with other
organizations both through sponsorships. Activities
include Bernice Sayese Centre, PA Food Bank,
PA Tourism, Provincial and local Chambers,
Army Navy Club, Mont St. Joseph Seniors home.
Sponsorship Highlights:
Children’s Haven
Big Brothers/Big Sisters
PA Street Fair
Prince Albert Exhibition
Fine Arts Festival
P.A. Centennial of Flight Airshow
PAGC Northern Lights Casino Annual
Golf Tournament
Wahpeton Dakota Nations – War of 1812 –
Bicentennial Pow wow Project
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