Page 35 - SIGA Annual Report 2013

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Learning & Growth
For SIGA and our strategic plan to be successful we must invest in our most important resource – our people.
Strategic Objectives
Performance Indicators
Talented workforce
Attract, retain, develop and reward
talented individuals that can become
integrated into high performers.
Increased learning events by over 88%
(9289 learning events)
Development and implementation of on-line
core learning programs available 24/7
75% annual employee satisfaction rating on
learning & development
Focus on delivering core training to employees:
exceeded the 75% core training target
Revision of Careers section of new SIGA external
website, including employee testimonials
showcased on SIGA’s external website
Revised compensation philosophy and program
to recognize and reward individual merit and
high performers
Revised performance evaluation tool (phase 1 of 3)
to increase objectivity and position for recognition
of individual merit
Leadership Development
Support and mentor employees
within SIGA to develop the leadership
competencies required by the
organization to motivate and inspire
teams to accomplish SIGA’s vision. Create
an alignment in SIGA’s educational,
experiential and compensation programs
to recognize and reward individual skills
and performance.
780 employees have taken SIGA’s in-house
leadership development program since 2011
(modules 1, 2 & 3)
76% annual employee satisfaction rating
on leadership
Employees performed 102772 TPHD hours
(temporary performance of higher duties)
Engaged Workforce
Employee Satisfaction and Engagement
Formal partnership with external health & fitness
Improved attendance and a reduction in paid sick
leave by over $322,000
84% employees are engaged or highly engaged
Main driver of employee satisfaction is “My Job” where
motivation to contribute more than expected is the
main driver of job satisfaction
Employee Volunteerism
Employee volunteer participation targets exceeded
Volunteer partnerships have been developed with local
charitable organizations in all communities where we
operate. (At least 2 per community)