Page 7 - SIGA Annual Report 2013

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It has been such an honour serving
as the Saskatchewan Indian Gaming
Authority’s (SIGA) Board Chair this
past year, and as part of my first year
as SIGA’s Board Chair it is my distinct
pleasure to present the 2012-2013
Annual Report on behalf of the
SIGA board.
SIGA strives to deliver sustainable net
income and employment opportunities
to support First Nations development in
Saskatchewan. It is the positive results of
these efforts that inspire the SIGA Board
to continue their work.
Since opening – SIGA has generated
over $600 million dollars in revenue
for our beneficiaries. As a 17 year
old company, this is a significant
achievement – it is a sign that we are on
the journey of “Building Success”.
I would like to take this opportunity to
recognize the significant efforts of past
board member Chief Perry Bellegarde.
His significant contributions to our
corporate governance activities will
have a positive and lasting impact. As
stewards of the organization, the Board
is committed to building on the past and
looking into the future – shaping the
strategic direction for the company.
The SIGA Board remains committed
to the governance of the corporation
and serving our stakeholders through
organizational performance. With
everyone on the SIGA Board and within
the organization working toward a
common goal – SIGA has achieved
unprecedented success this year – with
revenues of $268.5M and a profit of
$86.4M for the 2012/2013 fiscal year.
This represents an increase of 5.9%
over the previous year’s net earnings.
I offer my sincerest thanks to all of the
Board of Directors, the management
team, and all the SIGA employees for
their continued effort to help SIGA
be progressively moving forward with
“Building Success” for the future of this
organization, and for the First Nations
people of Saskatchewan – a future that
we can all be proud of.
Message from SIGA’s Board Chair