Page 8 - SIGA Annual Report 2013

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I would like to take this opportunity
to thank our many customers and
employees for making 2012-2013
another successful year for the
Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority
(SIGA), as we recorded revenues of
$268.5M and net earnings of $86.4M
which are returned to our beneficiaries
across the province.
Being a first choice entertainment
destination for our customers continues
to be a priority for SIGA. Over four million
customers walked through the doors of
our six casino sites this past year, and for
this we are truly thankful. Our customers’
continued patronage has helped SIGA
take steps to fulfill its mission of
strengthening the lives of First Nations
people through employment, economic
growth, positive community relations
and financial self reliance.
Our continued strong performance
this past year is also due in part to
efficiently managing our resources
through improvements to operating
procedures and employee productivity.
We also made significant improvements
to the “player experience” by investing
in a new slot operating system, a key
infrastructure investment for SIGA.
This mega project involving numerous
stakeholders required strong planning
and many hours of hard work by our
employees to ensure the new systems
were well understood and player
friendly. As a result our customers and
employees were able to transition to the
new system seamlessly.
We proudly employ over 1900 people
which makes us one of Saskatchewan’s
largest employers. In addition, we
are the largest First Nation’s owned
employer of First Nations people in
Canada. First Nations people represent
65% of our work force. SIGA has been
very successful in developing a vibrant
gaming and entertainment industry in
Saskatchewan. When we reflect back
on our 17 year history we can see our
vision to create long term sustainable
futures for SIGA employees coming
alive; staff can purchase homes with
pride, and support their families. This
is also a reflection of our learning
and development programs where
employees have the opportunity for
continued learning and advancement
of their careers. The investment in our
employees has resulted in the distinct
First Nations hospitality that is delivered
on the front-lines of our company on a
daily basis. Our employees are a vital
part in SIGA’s “Building Success”.
As a non-profit First Nations gaming
organization we remain committed
to operating in a socially responsible
manner and we do this through
investments in responsible gaming
initiatives and by giving back to the
communities where we operate. In the
past fiscal year SIGA proudly invested
$1.3M into hundreds of organizations
across Saskatchewan by “Sharing
Success” through our community
investment program. This commitment
is in addition to the 100% profits that
are returned to our beneficiaries.
Message from the President & CEO