Page 10 - SIGA Annual Report 2014

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SIGA operates six First Nations owned casinos in
Saskatchewan proudly serving our local markets and
tourists travelling to our province. The casinos gaming
mix features 1,870 slot machines and 53 live table
games. Each casino offers up fun and excitement
with a complement of food and beverage services
and great live entertainment.
Our facility designs reflect the local region, the people
and First Nations tradition. SIGA continues to reinvest
in our casinos to meet the needs of our guests and to
feature designs that are rooted in First Nations culture
and natural elements.
In the 2013-2014 year, SIGA executed numerous
capital projects that included enhancements at all of
our casinos improving the experience of our patrons
and staff in all of our facilities. These enhancements
included – signage, premium slot chairs, carpet
replacement, audio visual enhancements, and a
continued review of building operations for efficiency
and environmental stewardship.
On an annual basis, SIGA takes the necessary steps
to provide the new product and technology upgrades;
quality food, outstanding hospitality, and service
to ensure our customers are receiving outstanding
entertainment value.
Providing employment and learning and growth
opportunities for First Nations people is an essential
part of SIGA’s mandate. Overall, SIGA employs 1200
First Nations people, equating to 65% of the total
staffing complement. SIGA is proud of our employment
success and being Canada’s largest First Nations
employer of First Nation people.
Our people are our most valuable resource, and SIGA
remains committed to developing our employees
by investing in them through a variety of learning
opportunities. Technology is also leveraged to provide
where possible online learning to improve efficiency.
SIGA Human Resources conducted over 10,000
learning events in 2013-2014.
SIGA’s educational training and support included core
training aspects (86% completed) along with a renewed
focus on non-core training and career development
support. Through these and many other opportunities,
SIGA remains committed to providing opportunities
for our employees to develop the skills they need
to succeed in the workplace now and in the future.
At SIGA Casinos we strive to exceed our guests’
expectations with exciting entertainment and
exceptional First Nations hospitality. In the 2013-2014
fiscal year:
Entertained over 40,000 guests at over 200 concerts
and live events.
Over 160,000 guests utilized our free casino
shuttle services.
Partnered with 38 hotels across the province to offer
valuable Stay and Play packages.
Gave away Saskatchewan’s highest recorded jackpot
of $1.1 million on our signature progressive jackpot,
Smoke Signals.
Recruited over 30,000 new Players Club Members.
Launched new and convenient self-serve point
redemption for Members.
Mailed over 1 million direct mail offers to qualifying
Club Members.
Our Members swiped their Club cards over 3 million
times at our Rewards Centres to participate in 486
draws and 275 promotions.