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At SIGA, one of our values speaks to the sharing
of our land and sharing our resources. The guiding
principle Wîtaskêwin, reminds us to give back to the
communities where we live and work.
In 2013-2014 SIGA’s Community Relations Sponsorship
Program provided a $1.6M investment into charitable
and non-profit based organizations in Saskatchewan.
SIGA continues to make a positive impact through
its investment in its targeted sectors. These sectors
include education/training, health and well-being, sports
and recreation, business/tourism, and arts and culture.
SIGA continues to make a difference in the quality
of life for the socially, physically and economically
disadvantaged as well as those with special needs.
In 2013-2014, SIGA contributed to hundreds of
community organizations, including Children’s Hospital
Foundation of Saskatchewan, READ Saskatoon, Ronald
McDonald House, Team Saskatchewan Development
for NAIG 2014, Back to Batoche, Literacy for Life,
Windscape Festival, Yorkton Film Festival, Prince Albert
Exhibition, Battlefords Union Hospital Foundation,
Canadian Mental Health and the Saskatchewan
Children’s Festival to name a few.
The Children’s Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan is
the sole foundation responsible for fundraising for the
new Children’s Hospital of Saskatchewan. The new
provincial hospital will serve children from across the
province, offering leading edge healthcare equipment
and technology, research programs and innovation,
with a focus on family care. SIGA’s sponsorship for this
year fulfils the total commitment of $500,000 for the
creation of the Ante Partum Unit at the new Children’s
Hospital of Saskatchewan.
This unit will provide care to women with complex
obstetrical complications such as pre-term labour,
unstable diabetes, hypertension, medical induction of
labour and miscarriages. The new children’s hospital
will benefit families, mothers and children from across
the province for years to come.
The Children’s Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan
has existed since 1992. Their goal is to raise awareness
and funds for the children’s health care in our province.
Saskatchewan and Prince Edward Island are the only
two provinces in Canada without a designated hospital
for kids. The Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon is
a provincial referral centre for pediatric care and the
demand for this type of care is overwhelming.