Page 19 - SIGA Annual Report 2014

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Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority casinos provide exceptional entertainment
value through strategic investments in our gaming product, entertainment, facilities,
and the learning and development of our employees. Our employees deliver a first
rate experience through our unique brand of traditional First Nations hospitality and
customer service.
Visitation increased once again this year at SIGA casinos, and as a result of this and an
organization wide focus on improving efficiency and managing cost, the organization
met projections in both visitor numbers and financial results. The casinos welcomed
over four million guests while surpassing revenues of over $250M in 2013-2014 for
the sixth consecutive year.
This past year, SIGA continued to reinvest in its existing properties, including
expansions at Dakota Dunes and Northern Lights Casinos. These investments
ensure we are offering an enjoyable facility to visit, while providing our employees
with a comfortable working environment.
The six casinos located across Saskatchewan feature 1,870 slot machines, 53 live
table games, a full line of food and beverage services, and a live entertainment stage
in each facility. SIGA’s intent with each casino is to design a modern facility that
reflects the region, the people and First Nations tradition. SIGA has built and designed
casinos with features that are rooted in First Nations culture with natural elements
reflecting the area where they are located. Each of our casinos operate in slightly
different markets and every effort is made to tailor our offers, entertainment, and
amenities to the needs of our guests to exceed their expectations.
As a non-profit gaming and entertainment company, all profits are returned to the
people of Saskatchewan: 50% of profits support First Nations communities, 25%
supports local community development and 25% is returned to the Provincial
General Revenue Fund.