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Learning & Growth
For SIGA and our strategic plan to be successful we must invest in our most important resource – our people.
Strategic Objectives
Performance Indicators
Talented Workforce
Employees who have
completed core training –
target 75%
Investing in our employees is a priority for SIGA.
When training opportunities are aligned with business
objectives, they improve employee engagement,
increase productivity and ensure the organization
gets the greatest return from its most valuable asset:
its people. SIGA’s Core Training program is one of
the ways SIGA invests in its employees where all
employees take required training within their first
year of employment. An aggressive target was set
for the complany and considerable focus was placed
on core training during 2013-2014 resulting in achieving
an 86% completion rate. Complimentary to this,
employees have indicated that they receive enough
training to do their job well and had the opportunity
for growth on employee satisfaction surveys that
were done throughout the year.
Opportunities to
Support, mentor and provide
within SIGA to develop the
leadership competencies
required by the organization
to motivate and inspire teams
to accomplish SIGA’s vision.
Almost 350 of SIGA’s employees participated in SIGA’s
Leadership Program over the fiscal year. The SIGA
Leadership Program was transitioned in-house and
employees participated in three modules, including a
new leadership module “Courageous Conversations”.
Throughout the year, there were over 70 internal
promotions, and thousands of TPHD (Temporary
Performance of Higher Duties) and Acting appointments
which provides employees with opportunities to grow
and develop their leadership skills.
Engaged Workforce
Employee Satisfaction
and Engagement
Increase in attendance and reduction in paid sick leave
by over $170,000.
Formal partnerships with external health & fitness
One of the ways SIGA measures employee
engagement is using the Conference Board of Canada
criteria for employee engagement. SIGA has gradually
improved its strong employee engagement rating over
time and the most recent survey resulted in a 92%
engagement level.
A total of 86% of employees were satisfied with their
job and engaged in the workplace, with job recognition,
sense of accomplishment, incentive to perform well
and opportunities for growth as drivers of employee
Employee Volunteerism Employee volunteer participation targets exceeded.
Volunteer partnerships have been developed with local
charitable organizations in all communities where we
operate. (At least 2 per community).