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Board Chair,
Tribal Chief Felix Thomas
joined the
SIGA Board of Directors in 2008. He was elected Tribal
Chief of the Saskatoon Tribal Council in October 2008
and has sat on a variety of boards including IGC, IGR
and HSDC. Tribal Chief Thomas has also participated
on the committee on Health for the Assembly of First
Nations. Previously, as Chief of Kinistin First Nation,
Felix participated on the Chief ’s Committee for the
Assembly of First Nations. Tribal Chief Thomas holds
a Bachelor of Arts degree.
Chief Edward Henderson
of the Montreal Lake
Cree Nation joined the Board in December 2005. He
is past Chair of Little Red Reserve School Authority
and Woodland Cree Board and currently serves on
the boards of PAGC Education, Forestry, Women’s
Commission, Sports Culture and Recreation,
Saskatchewan Indian Equity Foundation, First Nations
University of Canada and the Saskatchewan Indian
Education & Training Commission.
Chief Reginald Bellerose
(2008) joined the
Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority Board of
Directors. He was re-elected in April of 2011 to his
fourth term as Chief of Muskowekan First Nation. Chief
Bellerose has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Concordia
University College in Edmonton and has completed
a Masters program in Project Management at the
University of Saskatchewan.
Kevin Poock
from the Battleford Tribal Council
Management Corp. was appointed to the Board in
February 2012 by the Battlefords Tribal Council. Kevin
is a Chartered Financial Planner who has 25 years
experience in the financial services industry. He was
instrumental in the financing and opening of the first four
casinos operated by SIGA. In 1998 he joined Battlefords
Tribal Council to assist their Economic Development
Division. He currently is part of a group that manages
several diversified businesses, holding companies and
analyzes new opportunities for First Nations.
Chief Brian Standingready
of White Bear First
Nation was first appointed to the Board in 2003,
holding the position of Chair until January 2007.
In 2008, Chief Standingready rejoined the Board.
He has held a variety of positions including Chief,
council member, and band manager at the White
Bear First Nation. He has also served as the district
representative for the Yorkton Tribal Council and has sat
on numerous boards, committees and commissions.
Chief Standingready was re-elected in 2011.
Amanda Louison
was appointed to the SIGA Board
in March, 2012 and is a member of the Kahkewistahaw
First Nation representing the Yorkton Tribal Council.
This is the third time she has served on SIGA’s Board.
Amanda holds a diploma in Associate Administration
from the University of Regina. She was elected the
first female Chief for Kahkewistahaw First Nation in
1995, and served on her Band Council for five terms.
In 2003- 2004 she was appointed Tribal Chief by
acclamation. She is currently working as a consultant
with experience in specific claims negotiations
and elections.
Bob Gerow
was appointed to the SIGA Board of
Directors by the Agency Chiefs Tribal Council (ACTC) in
2008. Bob, has worked in First Nations Education and
Administration for the past 37 years. He is V.P. of Askiy
Forest Management and he is currently the Executive
Director with the Agency Chiefs Tribal Council. Bob holds
a B.A., B. ED, P.G.D. and Master of Education (M.Ed).