Page 7 - SIGA Annual Report 2014

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On behalf of the Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority (SIGA) Board, it is with great
pride that I present this 2013-2014 Annual Report.
It has been an honour to serve with the other SIGA Board of Directors, and to work
alongside SIGA’s management team as they roll out a strategic plan focused on the
success of our First Nations people, SIGA employees, and our provincial communities.
The SIGA Board is committed to performing corporate governance activities in a
sound and prudent manner. We know that with diligent strategic planning, SIGA will
be positioned to deliver strong organizational performance to our stakeholders well
into the future.
SIGA works hard to deliver sustainable net income and employment opportunities
to support First Nations development in Saskatchewan. It is this unique, community
oriented, non-profit business framework that drives the SIGA Board to continue
their work.
For over 18 years, SIGA has been a proud partner of local organizations and
community groups. We have generated over 650 million dollars in revenue for our
beneficiaries. This significant investment serves as a reflection of our identity and
the type of company we want SIGA to be.
Given our previous accomplishments, it has become apparent that SIGA can deliver
many subsequent years of success for the First Nations people of Saskatchewan.
Thank you to all the Board of Directors, the management team, and all the SIGA
employees for their hard work in moulding the company into what it is today.
SIGA Board Chair