Page 9 - SIGA Annual Report 2014

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SIGA proudly employs over 1900 people, which makes us one of Saskatchewan’s largest employers
of Saskatchewan people. In addition, we are the largest First Nation’s owned employer of First
Nations people in Canada. First Nations people compose 65.2% of our work force.
It was 18 years ago when SIGA was established with a vision to deliver sustainable net income
for our employees. We work hard to achieve this vision by creating meaningful jobs that our
employees can take pride in, resulting in success for themselves and our company. Our employees
work tirelessly to deliver high quality customer service. As a result, we have developed a strong
learning and development plan to provide opportunities for our employees to continue learning
and advancing in their careers. Investing in our people has resulted in the distinct First Nations
hospitality experience that is delivered on the front-lines on a daily basis. Our employees are not
only a source of great pride for SIGA and our success, they play an important part in continuing
SIGA’s success.
As a non-profit First Nations gaming organization SIGA remains committed to operating our
business in a socially responsible manner. We do this through investments in responsible gaming
initiatives, and by giving back to the communities where we operate. “Sharing Success” gives
expression to the mandate of our community investment program. In the 2013-2014 fiscal year,
SIGA invested $1.6M into hundreds of local organizations across Saskatchewan. This commitment
is in addition to the 100% of profits that are returned to our beneficiaries.
I would like to thank the SIGA Board of Directors for the guidance and leadership they have
provided the company this last year. Their careful focus on the sound governance of the corporation
has helped us deliver organizational performance that our stakeholders have come to expect.
As a First Nations owned and operated corporation we have much to be proud of and thankful for.
Our success over the past number of years is derived from hardworking employees, a devoted
board, and a customer base that continues to choose SIGA casinos for their distinct entertainment
experience. Our management team remains committed to walking down the path laid before us,
stopping to explore opportunities that could create meaningful growth and development for our
company, and the people of Saskatchewan.
President & CEO