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SIGA operates six First Nations owned casinos in Saskatchewan and is proudly serving our local markets and
provincial tourism.
The casinos feature 1,995 slot machines and 52 live table games. During 2014, SIGA refreshed its signature
“Smoke Signals” progressive jackpot and replaced it with an exciting mystery jackpot with new slot product and
signage. The “Smoke Signals” mystery jackpot offers patrons a life-changing opportunity by not having to play .
max bet in order to win the major prize. SIGA continues to offer the best gaming experience and has increased the
slot product offerings by an additional 125 slot machines. This increase will provide patrons with more choices of
denominations and game themes. Casino Operations also increased its game selection in Live Games by adding
Omaha Poker and Freebet Blackjack.
The year 2014-2015 was a year of building and of piloting projects for SIGA’s Food & Beverage (F&B) operations.
Northern Lights Casino and Dakota Dunes Casino underwent complete restaurant and dining area renovations.
They offer timeless appeal and have experienced very positive reaction from patrons. 
This past year, the Food & Beverage service teams have been focused on the trials of new products and
troubleshooting at various sites. We can expect 2015-2016 to be the year of rollouts, some big and some small, .
but all offering a benefit to the casino as a whole. These pilots include: standardized plate ware, glassware,
silverware, electronic surveys, vending machines, self-serve coffee stations, and catering packages, birthday
parties, jackpot parties and revamped beverage carts. 
In 2015 a new point of sale system was selected after a six month request for proposal (RFP) period closed. .
The new system will be rolled out in mid-2015 and will allow Food & Beverage services to enhance operations .
in a myriad of ways.
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